Google’s service will be charged, free of charge till June

Google's service will be charged, free of charge till June
Google's service will be charged, free of charge till June

Google, the most used search engine in the world, has made a big announcement about a free service related to its Gmail.

The Google search engine, which has been the biggest hand in spreading the rapid expansion of technology in the world to people in every corner of the world. Today, people have become completely dependent on all the services of which Gmail is the most prominent.

Google gives a lot of features to the users of its email service ie Gmail, in which Google Meat is the main one. This is the Google Meat Calling Hangout service, which has been renamed Google Meat. This service was still free for users, but in the coming time, you will have to pay money to use this service. The company has not yet made any disclosure about the charge on this feature.

In fact, Google Workplace has tweeted a tweet from their Twitter account in which they have said that they have decided to keep unlimited Google Meet calling free till June 2021. That is, Gmail users will not have to spend any kind of money for this Google Meet video calling.

But with this, Google has also imposed a condition of this free video calling, which says that any Gmail users can use this feature for 24 hours. Google will not charge any money from its users. But if users use this service for more than 24 hours, then they will have to pay money.

Google Meat will work on both Android and iOS platforms of smartphones in which users can use it without any interruptions. A great advantage of this Google Meet video calling service found in Google’s Gmail is that you can make a video call to a large group at once, in which you can join up to 49 people at once.

In the year 2020, in view of the worldwide spreading corona, Google had changed its name by updating its feature and made it more and more user friendly. So that employees of companies moving towards work from home in lockdown can get a better platform for video calling.

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