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HDFC Bank starts video KYC – will open online bank account sitting at home, get loan, know everything

HDFC Bank launches video KYC facility: Private sector HDFC Bank has launched full video KYC facility for customers in the era of coronavirus epidemic.

new Delhi. In order to provide relief to its customers in this crisis of Corona, the country’s largest private bank HDFC Bank has launched a new service. The bank has introduced full video KYC facility for customers. Now customers will securely get KYC (Know Your Customer) required for online bank account, corporate salary account or personal loan sitting at home. They will not need to go to the bank branch and will be done in minutes. The bank has started this service completely after a successful pilot project. Let us tell you that KYC is an identification process conducted by the Reserve Bank of India, with the help of which banks and other financial institutions get to know their customers better. KYC means “Know Your Customer”. Banks and financial companies fill the form for this and take some proof of identity with it.

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Arvind Vohra, Group Head (Retail Branch Banking) at HDFC Bank, says that in the first phase, services are being started for saving, corporate accounts and personal loans. For other banking products also, this facility will start in different phases.

Know about video KYC – The entire Aadhaar in bank application is OTP-based e-KYC.
You must have an original copy of the PAN card with you. It is important to be present in India while doing the video KYC.

Must be a smartphone with good data connectivity. After the customer completes his Aadhaar EKYC through the Insta Account Opening app on the bank’s website / playstore, he is connected to the bank official, who completes the video KYC process.

What the bank will do – Verifies customer information. Photographs of the customer
takes photos PAN client. The video KYC audio-video chat is verified before the account is activated.

A link will be sent to the customers via SMS or email by the bank for the video KYC. After clicking on this link, the customer will reach the video KYC webpage. After this, the customer has to enter his mobile number and then he will be authored through the OTP that comes on it.

After completing this process, the customer will be connected to the video KYC agent. This agent will get details from the customer through live video such as PAN, photo, signature, location etc. Your account or credit card will be created after all the details have been certified by Video Banking Representative.

As per the Reserve Bank (RBI) guidelines, the video KYC is similar to the full KYC of the customer and after that the customer can take all financial / KYC products. This service will be available from 10 am to 6 pm on working days. Video KYC process is online, fast and safe. It is paperless and contactless. In this, the conversation between the bank’s officer and the customer is recorded.

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