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Here’s a Look Into Trendy Products under 499 by Glam City by Lakshmi

Fashion and lifestyle go hand in hand. Hence, it’s key to stay on top of your game.  Do you want to keep up with trends and trendy fashion but don’t have the budget? No need to worry; the solution for you is affordable fashion or thrifting. This is exactly what Glam City by Lakshmi is and does for you.

Affordable and trendy is what their entire branding is. This is now available anywhere in India. Even if you’re in a state where stylish fashion is not available to you and tempted to explore it, post pictures in it, and stay true to the latest aesthetics, you know where to go!


What Do They Sell?

All their items are handpicked. They keep the latest trends such as crop tops, skirts, accessories, shoulder bags, etc. Visit their Instagram page listed below:



  • Ruched crop tops
  • Leather Shoulder bags 
  • Long ethnic printed skirts 

We all know the craze behind these items. The best part about it all, that will take you by surprise, is the unbelievable pricing for these.

Here’s a Look Into Trendy Products under 499 by Glam City by Lakshmi


What Are Their Prices?

Glam City’s prices are the best part about them. Crazy deals for such good quality clothes and accessories. 

The first thing you notice as soon as you check their Instagram is that they have some of the latest trend products under INR 499. Anything you want is available under a reasonable budget. A pocket saver and an intelligent buy indeed. 


Some of their listings are as follows: 

  • Leather baguette bag for 550/-
  • Net Ruched tops for 399/- 
  • Handcrafted Floral Skirt for 400/-


They spoil you with gifts, too, at times during the purchase of an item. One thing that makes them stand out from other small businesses is their policy of free shipping.


Glam City by Lakshmi  Is Owned By Whom?

This store, which is located in Delhi, is run by Priyanka Lakshmi Arora. She is an Ex-Miss Delhi teen who is seen modeling on the store’s Instagram page. 

She is also a Certified Makeup Artist. Along with her side hustle, she is a full-time Air hostess. She runs her business full-fledged on her own from her posts, reels, promotions, etc.

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She has also mentioned on her own personal Instagram that she is always open to collaborating with people.


Thrifting is the new “in” thing. Affordable fashion that looks good is always ideal. If you are a student and a young working person, stores like these are a perfect fit for you. This is because they cater to you in your very own budget. 

Lastly, all you need is a lot of confidence to make anything look like a million dollars!




Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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