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How to check lpg cylinder subsidy in account, here is the process

LPG Subsidy: The government transfers subsidy to the account of people on the purchase of LPG cylinder. However, the rules are fixed for who will get the subsidy and who will not. We are going to tell you how to check whether the government is putting subsidy in your account or not.

LPG Subsidy: We buy LPG cylinders and assume that we will be getting subsidy from the government, but whether you are actually getting that subsidy or not, we never check it. LPG cylinder has become expensive in July last month, in such a situation, due to subsidy, there is some relief from the inflation of cylinder.Also Read:Electricity New Ruls: The amount of money in the meter, the electricity will burn only, know what is the matter

However, if someone is not getting the subsidy, then another reason may be that he does not come under its purview. Well, if you do not know whether the subsidy of LPG cylinder is going to your account or not, what is the way to find out, then we tell you. For this you do not need to go anywhere or ask anyone. You can do this work sitting at home online only. This method is very easy.Also Read:Kangana Ranaut showed off her boldest look ever, shared a bold photo in a transparent bralette

Check subsidy status sitting at home

>> First of all visit website

>> After this you will see the photo of gas cylinders of three companies on the right side

>>  Click on the photo of the gas cylinder of whatever your service provider is

>> After this a new window will open in which the information of your gas service provider will be

>>  On the top right there will be the option of Sign-in and New User, select it

>> You need to sign-in if your ID is already created

>> If ID is not there then you have to select new user

>> After this, in the window that will open, the option of View Cylinder Booking History will be present on the right side, select it

>> You will know whether you are getting subsidy or not

>>  In case of non-subsidy, you can complain on 18002333555 toll free number

That’s why the subsidy stops

The government does not give subsidy on LPG cylinders to many people, the reason for this may be that your Aadhaar is not linked. The second thing is that people whose annual income is 10 lakh rupees or more, then the government keeps them out of the purview of subsidy, that is, the subsidy is not given, so if your income is more than 10 lakh then you can apply for the same subsidy. will not be entitled. There is also a screw in this that even if your income is less than Rs 10 lakh but your wife or husband also earns and the income of both together is 10 lakh or more, even then subsidy will not be available.Also Read:Delhi Metro: Metro parking will remain closed on August 15 in view of security, advisory issued regarding traffic

How much subsidy

In the current era, the subsidy on domestic gas has remained very low. During the Corona period, only Rs 10-12 is coming in the account of consumers as subsidy, although there was a time when subsidy of up to Rs 200 was available on cylinders. Now consumers are getting negligible subsidy on cylinders, on the other hand, the prices of cylinders have also increased significantly.Also Read:ELSS vs PPF: Which Tax Saving Option is Right for You? know everything here

LPG cylinder costlier by Rs 140.50 this year

Let us tell you that in the beginning of the year 2021 i.e. in January, the price of LPG cylinder in Delhi was Rs 694, which was increased to Rs 719 per cylinder in February. On February 15, the price was increased to Rs 769. After this, on February 25, the price of LPG cylinder was reduced to Rs 794. In March, the price of LPG cylinder was reduced to Rs 819. Then in the beginning of April, a deduction of Rs 10 was made. There has been a direct increase of Rs 25.50 in July. In a year, the prices of LPG cylinders have increased by Rs 140.50.Also Read:Check your name in voter list on just one phone call information about, how to add also provided

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    I am Ajeev Rana and I am say to you sorry because BJP Govt. not doing good work in this time. BJP Govt. increase the LPG Gas payment every month why? we all INDIANS are give to the vote BJP Govt. So BJP Govt. Used all the power in use wrong side WHY??? BJP Govt. come in this year in 2014. than BJP Govt. do many good work that time… But than LPG GAS PAYMENT and The government transfers gas subsidy transfer to every persons account in year 2014-15 than BJP Govt decreased the subsidy every month WHY???? In year 2019-20 is very poor time in the world because COVID-19 Run fast and fast and many person died in that time and COVID-19 is not stop in this year. every person help to all person. because every day many person died everyday…… but BJP Govt. not help any person to LPG GAS side…The government transfers gas subsidy transfer to every persons account in year 2014-15 Rs 300/- now this time BJP Govt. give us gas subsidy Rs 10/- every month why????

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