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How To Manage Your NPS Account Using NPS Mobile App?

To access your NPS (New Pension Scheme) account, NSDL officially unveiled the NPS Mobile App. We believe this gives you much more access to your pension fund. We  hope that all the information is on your mobile by having this NPS Mobile App. The facilities you can get from this mobile app are as follows:

How To Manage Your NPS Account Using NPS Mobile App?

Key benefits of NPS mobile app

  • You can view and manage you current holdings
  • You can request for transaction statement for the last 1 year
  • You can update your personal details online such as mobile number, email-ID, password and so on.
  • You can view and manage your account online
  • You can regenerate a new password using the secret question.
  • You can check the status of the last 5 transactions
  • You can get updates on your mobile number and email-ID regarding your NPS account.

Features of NPS mobile app

In order to use NPS mobile app conveniently you must check the below covered features:

Make withdrawal from NPS Tier-II account

You can also request for withdrawal from a Tier II account under NPS using the Mobile App. With your user ID and password, you’ll have to log into the App. In the Mobile App, there is an option to pick a Tier II withdrawal and generate a One Time Password (OTP). You will have the choice to choose the Withdrawal mode while entering the relevant OTP. After you have chosen the alternative and submitted relevant information, the same will be carried out in the CRA framework and funds will be credited to your CRA-registered bank account.

Aadhaar linking

You can now use the Mobile App to link your Aadhaar to an NPS account. With your user ID & password, you can log into the App and pick the alternative ‘Add/Update Aadhaar Number’. The choice to have your Aadhaar will be available to you. Once you have entered an Aadhaar number, your registered details under NPS will be authenticated with information available in the UIDAI registry. An OTP will be sent to your mobile number identified with UIDAI upon post authorization. You must authenticate the OTP and Aadhaar will be seeded for the PRAN upon entering the appropriate OTP.

Reset your password using OTP-based authentication

You can now change your password via OTP using the Mobile App. You must enter your PRAN, date of birth, create your new password and generate an OTP. The password turns active upon entering the appropriate OTP provided on your mobile (registered with CRA). This choice is in contrast to the option of using a confidential question to change the password.

How to download the NPS mobile app online?

  • Open the Google Play store app on your mobile and search for NPS by NSDL-eGov
  • You are required to log in after the application is downloaded. The PRAN number will be your user ID and your password for logging into this application will be the PIN received with the PRAN number kit.
  • You can view and manage your holdings upon successful sign in to account
  • You will get the account statement of a particular year according to the type of NPS account on your registered mobile number.
  • If it is given by the employer, you can access the complete profile information such as name, address, mobile number, e-mail ID and the accounts you maintain.
  • To provide all NPS subscribers a user-friendly service, eNPS and NPS Mobile App are the better spot. One will have complete control of their NPS account using the NPS mobile app.     


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