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How to treat if RTPCR report is delayed?

Doctors say that treatment is the best remedy according to the patient and in that his system and doctors’ understanding plays an important role. But if a person is in doubt, should be able to isoculate and seek immediate treatment from doctors and not wait for the results of the report.

In the second wave of Corona (Corona Second Wave) there is heavy pressure on the medical facility. Nearly two lakh 70 thousand cases of corona have started coming up every day. Apparently there is a long queue of test takers, so long waiting in the labs of the test remains a matter of concern. But after coming to Simpatum or after understanding any problem in the body, TV9 has talked to some experts about what measures should be taken in case of delay in the report.

Experts say that, if any person has symptoms like fever, cough, or weakness in addition to diarrhea, then they should be aware. According to experts, first of all people should isolate and according to ICMR guidelines, Simptomatic treatment should be done. By the way, the patient is generally advised to be given Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc and Azithromycin and Ivermectin.

What do you say doctor

Dr. Arun Shah says that this is an epidemic and the number of patients is far more. Depending on the treatment system, it depends on the discretion of the doctors. In addition, treatment of the patient can also be treated as patient to patient. But one should not be spared from taking vitamin C, D and zinc tablets, along with any such suspended patient should automatically waiting for the report and meanwhile focusing on increasing immunity and important things like oxygen saturation. Attention should be paid to

Should ivermectin and azithromycin or toxycycline be used before the report?

The situation in the entire country is extraordinary and it is no longer sensible to spend time waiting for the labs report. Dr. Prabhat Ranjan, who has been posted as a Kovid Warrior in Patna, says that, I am treating people on the basis of SIMPTAM. Therefore, any patient should start treatment under Kovid Protocol on the advice of the doctor, this is the option and it is also wise.

Dr. Prabhat expresses concern over the situation arising in the country and says that RTPCR tests are also coming negative and CT scan of everyone is also not possible. Therefore, considering the new effects and nature of the virus, treatment on the basis of the systems is the best solution. Therefore, without waiting for the report, there is no harm in giving the minor patient with vitamins including azithromycin and ivermectin, but any patient should take the medicine only on the advice of the doctor.

In fact, Azithromycin and Ivermectin can be given to children on coming to the system, whereas according to the protocol of the UP government, Azithromycin is given in place of Azithromycin. It is said that azithromycin is effective in preventing the virus to multiply, while ivermectin also acts as an immunomodulator in the body. Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc tablets also increase immunity by meeting nutritional deficiencies in the body. While another school of thought in medical science strongly opposes it and considers it unusable in corona disease.

How to understand the difference between stable patient, mild, moderate and sevier

In spite of having a fever, if the patient is seen well and is refusing any kind of problem, then he should remain in the house after being ishiculated. In addition to the presscreated drug, oxygen saturation level should be checked from the oximeter. If the oxygen level is 94 and above, then such patients are stable and there is no need to panic.

In fact, as a moderate patient, the catarrhisation is done at less than 94 oxygen levels. And if there is less than 90 oxynes, it chooses to maintain oxygen level a lot. For this, if the patient can be cured by lowering the normal pranayama and stress level, otherwise it is okay, or if it is continuously reduced, that is, less than 92, the doctor’s advice may have to resort to oxygen, the breath of the searing patient would be faster. And their oxygen level is less than 90 and a steady decline is seen in it. Such patients are required to provide oxygen and they require antiviral drugs like remedies.

Such patients require a D-dimer test and they require the anticoagulant drug Heparin, which prevents thrombosis ie blood clot formation. Therefore, till the test report is not received, doctors have started giving treatment on the basis of Symptom and with some precautions in the minor and moderate cases, with the help of an oximeter, a disease like corona can be treated.

It is better to cure the sick by watching the simpatum than waiting for the report

Dr. Suresh Kumar, Medical Director of LNJP says that the labs who have done the test have been asked to submit the report in seven to eight hours, while LNJP and AIIMS have a rapid RTPCR available which will clear the test results in ten minutes. is. By the way, many people have been found to be corona positive after coming negative in RTPCR test. Therefore, many doctors say that treatment is the best remedy according to the patient and in that his system and doctors’ understanding plays an important role. But if a person is in doubt, it should be used to consult the doctors immediately and get treatment and not wait for the results of the report to come. Sitting on the outcome of the report can be fatal for the patient.




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