IAS pass test cricketer, who made a blast in debut, but career ended after 12 matches


India’s most difficult examination, in which less than one per cent can succeed every year, was successfully cleared by an Indian while playing cricket.

One of the most difficult examinations in India is the Civil Services Examination of UPSC. In the common language, IAS test. Every year, less than one percent of many millions are successful in it. Now if any such person is successful in this, which is also a part of a game like cricket, then it is perplexing to be surprised. But an Indian cricketer has achieved this feat and the name of that cricketer is Amay Khorasia.

Former India batsman Amay Khorasia was born on 18 May 1972 in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. At the same time, along with studying and writing, he also started playing cricket. Khorasia started her first class career at the age of 17, but there was time to get a call from the Indian team. In such a situation, he used the time properly and passed the examination of IAS along with cricket.

With the passing of the IAS examination, Khorasia was posted in the Customs and Central Excise Department, but at the same time Khorasia’s career continued. He made a unique record at the age of just 19, playing for Madhya Pradesh. He became the first batsman to score 99 runs in both innings of any first class match.

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