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In 6 years and 103 matches, just 2 centuries, people taunted the talent, then a decision by Dhoni changed the career, put the line of centuries

The year 2013 completely reversed the career of this player and after that it became the surma of Indian cricket.

The year 2006 was a time when there was a lot of discussion about a young batsman in Indian cricket. It was said that there was no talented batsman like him in India at that time. The result was that after one year this batsman made his debut for India. First in ODIs and then in T20. Debut in T20 format through a World Cup match. This was the match in which Yuvraj Singh hit six sixes. This batsman also impressed in the initial matches. But in the first six years of his career, this batsman’s name was not recorded anything special. But then the year of 2013 came and everything changed. In the Champions Trophy this year, he tried it in the opening and then it became history. Now he is identified with the double century machine and the most successful captain of the IPL. This player is Rohit Sharma. Who are also known as hitmen. Today is Rohit Sharma’s birthday. He was born on 30 April 1987 near Nagpur, Maharashtra.

While playing in the Mumbai grounds, he went ahead and earned a lot of name. Everyone came to know about his batting ability in Mumbai’s cricket circle. Due to this, Rohit was selected in the Indian team that went on tour to Ireland in 2007. Batting did not come in the first match. Whenever batting came, in the middle order, sometimes the fourth or sometimes fifth or sometimes sixth number was batting. The result was that after making his debut in 2007, he did not score a century for three years. In 2010, he waited for two consecutive centuries on the Zimbabwe tour. But even after this, no century was scored for the next three years. Because of this, the word Talent was used as a taunt for Rohit. His talent would have been widely mocked on social media.

Dhoni made the opener and Rohit became a hitman

In 2013, the then captain of Team India, Mahendra Singh Dhoni gave him a chance in the opening with Shikhar Dhawan. After this, Rohit did not look back. By the end of the year, he had created history. He first scored a century against Australia in December 2013, which was only the third century of his ODI career. A few days later, he hit a double century in ODIs. He became the third batsman to do this feat. Since then, he has three double centuries in ODIs. Today, the condition is that whenever Rohit crosses the 50-run mark, people start putting conditions for his double century. Also, he has scored a total of 29 ODI centuries. His name is written in the world’s fiercest batsmen. In Team India, he is seen to compete with Virat Kohli.

Rohit Sharma had only two centuries in the first six years and 103 matches of his international career. But after this, in the next eight years, he hit 27 ODI centuries in 114 matches. That means a century in almost every fourth match. Along with 264 runs, the biggest personal score of ODI history has also been written in his own name.

Rohit does not respond even in T20

Rohit’s debut in T20 was ODI compared to ODIs. In the first innings, he played an unbeaten 50-run innings. He scored this against South Africa in the 2007 T20 World Cup. This was his first innings in International T20 matches. But here too he became an opener in 2013 itself. Since then, he has scored the most four centuries in International T20 matches. He is also behind Kohli in scoring runs.

After the start of the test, it slipped

Rohit started his Test career in a stormy manner. This year was also of 2013. He scored a century in two consecutive Tests, which was the first Test of his career. But after this, his batting in this format became absurd. His place was not confirmed in the Test team until the year 2019. But after scoring five centuries in the 2019 World Cup, he also became an opener in the Test. Since then, he has scored three centuries and a half-century. Rohit has 2615 runs in 38 Tests at an average of 46.69 and seven centuries. In 227 ODIs, he has scored 9205 runs at an average of 48.96 and 29 centuries, while in 111 T20 matches, he has scored 2864 runs at an average of 32.54 and four centuries.

No one is Rohit in IPL

Rohit Sharma has also been successful in captaincy. He is the head of Mumbai Indians in IPL. Interestingly, here too, after 2013, his fortunes were reversed. This year, he became the captain of Mumbai for the first time. Since then, five times in eight years, he made his team the champion and the most successful team of the tournament.



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