JEE Advance 2020: Keep these things in mind at the last moment, learn tips to crack exam


This time JEE Advance is organizing IIT Delhi. The registration process for JEE Advanced Examination 2020 will start from 12 September 2020 till 17 September 2020.

new Delhi. JEE Advance 2020 is the final stage for admission in engineering colleges. This gives admission in IIT colleges. However, not all students who pass JEE Mains will get a chance in JEE Advance. Candidates with a rank of 250000 in JEE Mains will be eligible for JEE Advance. This time JEE Advance is organizing IIT Delhi. The registration process for JEE Advanced Examination 2020 will start from 12 September 2020 till 17 September 2020. You can get the registration fee deposited by 5 pm on 18 September. The exam will be held on 27 September 2020.

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Exam date for JEE Advance 2020
Admission cards will be issued on 21 September 2020 after the registration process is completed. After this, on 27 September 2020, the examination will be conducted at different examination centers in the country. Due to Corona virus, the date of this examination has also changed. It was earlier to be held on 23 August.

JEE Advance 2020 Exam Pattern
JEE Advance will be computer based online test, Hindi and English will be language. There will be 2 papers and a three-hour test. Both Physics, Chemistry and Maths will be in the paper. In this test, in addition to the optional questions, there will also be questions of numerical and Matching List. A correct question will get 3 marks. 1 mark will be deducted for wrong answer. Numerical questions will get 3 marks but marks will not be deducted on wrong answer.

How to prepare for JEE Advance 2020 exam, see
previous year papers (Previous Year Papers)
Try to solve questions by looking at previous year JEE Advance exam papers and syllabus. This shows the difficulty of the test. It also shows which topics can be read and readied.

Practice with sample paper
With this, you get to know about the preparation and also understand how much preparation is required for the exam. By solving sample paper, you will also get a chance to analyze your preparation.

on detailed study (Detailed Study) Instead of relying only on notes, try to understand things at a broader level and resort to books. Detail study also helps in solving the problem facing a topic. This will strengthen your concept.

Read Analytical Part
Due to the high number of questions, students should pay more attention to analytical questions and topics. This also helps in resolving the doubts related to questions. Keep solving the numeric part at regular intervals.
Make Time Table (Time Table)

To read and cover all the topics, a time table is required. If the time is short and the syllabus is high, then you should study according to the time table. Work on this plan by giving proper time to each subject.

Mock Test
IIT Delhi will release mock test before the examination and participate in it. Apart from this, many old papers are also found on the Internet. One can analyze one’s own preparation by giving a paper mock test every day.

sleep and food
Apart from this, get complete sleep and eat a proper meal. Health is good, studies are good. Mental stress is also reduced by sleeping. Try to sleep on time except for the tendency to read till late at night.


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