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Job Cut: Big News! People lost their jobs in a 7 minute meeting, layoffs announced in this big company

Layoff 2024: Big IT company IBM has again announced layoffs. IBM Jobs Cut 2024 was announced in a 7-minute meeting. The reason for this layoff is again the same – Artificial Intelligence and Automation. According to the report, so far in 2024 alone, more than 200 companies (IT) have laid off 50 thousand people.

The meeting of just 7 minutes shocked hundreds and thousands of people as if a bomb had been dropped on them. The atmosphere of joy and happiness suddenly turned into silence and murmurings. A similar scene must have been seen in the offices of the company which has announced the latest layoff. There have been reports of layoffs continuously for the last two years. But the way this news is coming in many places is shocking. Just now a similar news has come from IBM.

There has been recent news of layoffs in IBM’s marketing and communications teams. The company’s Chief Communications Officer Jonathan Adashek told employees in a meeting that lasted just seven minutes that IBM was going to do layoffs.

However, it has not been clearly stated yet how many people will lose their jobs. But according to sources, the company is reducing the number of employees in the marketing and communications department to reduce expenses.

IBM had already hinted at layoffs

Recently, IBM CEO Arvind Krishna was emphasizing on preparing employees for Artificial Intelligence (AI) business environment. He also said in December 2023 that in the coming five years, about 30% of jobs (especially back-office ones) may disappear due to artificial intelligence and automation.

This is not the first case of layoffs at IBM. In January 2023, the company had announced layoffs of 3,900 people. Then the company’s CFO James Kavanaugh had expressed the hope that by the end of 2024 the number of employees in the company will remain the same as at the beginning of the year.

50 thousand jobs lost in 3 months

So far this year, about 50 thousand people have lost their jobs in the technology sector alone. According to, so far in 2024, 204 companies have laid off about 50,000 people. The decision to reduce staff in the IBM Marketing and Communications department is part of this larger trend.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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