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LPG Subsidy: Gas cylinder will be cheaper by Rs 300, know how

LPG Subsidy: People have not been receiving LPG subsidy in the account for a long time. One reason for this is the decrease in the prices of cylinders. But once again in the last few months, the prices of gas cylinders have increased rapidly. 

In November 2020, the domestic gas cylinder rate of Rs 594 has now come to Rs 819. Therefore, people who have been getting subsidy, they can get this money. But there is another reason as well, due to which you may not be getting subsidy. That is not the Aadhaar link. If your Aadhaar account is not linked to the bank account (where the subsidy will come), then you should do this work immediately.

LPG Subsidy: Which people do not get subsidy

However, it is not the case that all are subsidized on gas cylinders. Rather, if an annual income is Rs 10 lakh (or more), then that person is not eligible to get subsidy on gas cylinders. One more important thing is that your annual income will be valued in conjunction with the wife / husband. If the annual income of both of them also crosses this limit, then you will not be given subsidy.

LPG Subsidy: How much subsidy will be received

According to Zee News report, the subsidy amount received on domestic gas cylinders has been increased. Now the subsidy amount has increased from Rs 153.86 to Rs 291.48. Similarly, the subsidy amount under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Scheme has also increased from Rs 174.86 to Rs 312.48. If you get a subsidy, the savings on the gas cylinder is about Rs 300.

LPG Subsidy: LPG connection must be linked to Aadhaar

Let us tell you one more important thing here that even if your bank account is linked to Aadhaar, but LPG connection is not linked to Aadhaar, you will not get subsidy money. LPG connection is also required to be linked with Aadhaar to get subsidy.

LPG Subsidy: Work details for Indane customers

If you are an Indane customer, first make sure that your mobile number is registered with the gas agency. You can register your number by sending a message from your mobile. For this, write the IOC in the message and then give the space to the STD code of the phone number of the gas agency and send this message to the customer care number. You will get the gas agency number from the official website ( If the mobile number is already registered, then Aadhaar can also be registered at home.

LPG Subsidy: How to get Aadhaar link in Lpg

To link the LPG connection to Aadhaar, write the UID in the message, then write the Aadhaar number by giving space and send it to the gas agency number. When you link to the Aadhaar LPG connection, you will get a message, which will be confirmed. The government’s initiative scheme ensures that the applique cylinder subsidy comes directly into the bank accounts linked to the customer base. Meanwhile, the government has given 8 crore free LPG connections under the Ujjwala scheme to promote environmentally friendly fuel.

How To Check LPG Gas Subsidy Online👇👇👇

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