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Mutual Fund: This scheme gave 4 times more profit than FD in 6 months, double the money in a year, still a big chance to earn

In today’s times, SIP is considered the best way to invest in Mutual Fund. Through this, the investment gets a good average, which reduces the risk of investment and increases the possibility of good returns. We are telling you about a similar mutual fund scheme. This scheme has given a return of 194 per cent in a year.

Quant Smallcap Fund has done the best in a year. In one year, it gave 194.6 per cent returns to investors. This return is more than double the average of his category. The category average was 86.4 percent during this period. If someone had invested Rs 10,000 in a quant smallcap fund on 23 March 2020, the value of that investment would have risen to Rs 29,459 by 23 March 2021. Let’s know about it…

First of all, we know about Quant Fund, why it remains in the discussion…

There has been a lot of discussion about quant funds for the last few days. There is a lot of news about the technology of choosing its shares. Experts say that the fund manager’s role in the schemes of this fund is not very much. Quant fund computer based models are used to select shares.

Quant funds are schemes of mutual funds. They choose shares for investment on computer and math models. Experts say that in this way it helps to choose the shares in the portfolio in a fair way.

The biggest feature of quant funds is that they eliminate any kind of human intervention. That is, there is no scope for any kind of bias. The selection of shares is done solely on the basis of pre-determined standards and rules.

Experts feel that quant funds may become popular in the coming years. Apart from increasing data usage, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have developed a big reason for this.

Now know about Quant Small Cap Direct Plan Growth…

Those doing SIPs in this fund have gained a lot. The investment value of 12 thousand rupees (1000 rupees per month) in one year has become 20082 rupees. In two years, the value of 24 thousand rupees is Rs 43,132, in 3 years the value of 36 thousand rupees is 63 thousand rupees and in 5 years the value of 60 thousand rupees is Rs 1,03,818.

Will there be a chance to make money in it even further?

Experts say that the fund has invested 79.81 per cent of its AUM (asset under management) in smallcap stocks. At the same time, it has invested 8.29 per cent in largecap shares. If put in easy words, this fund has a big investment in small companies. Notably, Steelmile Industries (8.45%), Tata Steel Launch Products (6.17%) and Newland Laboratories (5.67%) have large stakes.

SIP is a good option for making money in the long term. Through this, investors can invest slowly. Due to this, the habit of investing develops in a disciplined manner.

They give additional returns as compared to regular plans. If he wants, he can take the help of an adviser or financial planner. The quant scheme has a decent track-record.

Have given better returns in the long term. However, the performance of some of these has weakened in the recent decline. But, there is no need to panic. They are expected to perform well in the long term.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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