Pastor in Las Vegas said- Lord told me that he will make Trump the president again


Washington. Pastor of a church in Las Vegas, wishing Donald Trump that God had told him in his dream that Trump would win the president for the second time. Trump is on a stormy tour of his election campaign. He reached Las Vegas in Nevada during a campaign. When he went to a church in Las Vegas, the clergyman there told him that Trump is the star of the Lord’s eyes and you will become the Second Time President again.

The pastor said that he said these things to the Lord at 4:30 in the morning

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When Donald arrived at the Las Vegas church, he was welcomed. Senior Associate Pastor of the Church, Dansey Goulet, told the people present in the church that the Lord told them at 4.30 am that I am going to give your President another victory. He told Trump that you will become president again. I like going to church: Trump President Trump talked to the people in the church and said that he likes to go to church and it is a special honor for me to come here. Trump put a $ 20 note in the donation box kept at the church. In the presence of Trump in the church, a lot of social distancing took place. Very few people were wearing masks in the presence of Trump. Trump attacked Biden.

Trump also commented on his rival candidate Joe Biden in the church, saying that we have some people in front of us who do not agree with us. He said that he should come out on 3 November and show his strength.

At the same time, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden attended St. Joseph’s Brandywine in Delaware on Sunday. He comes here almost every Sunday. Here is the grave of Biden’s son, Bue Biden, who died of brain cancer in 2015. The former Vice President and his wife Jill Biden visited the tomb after the service.



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