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Patna News: 8 out of 21 electric buses reach Patna, 250 km will run in 1 hour recharge

Biharis will soon be able to ride electric buses. It is expected that it will be launched in the first week of March in 3 cities including Patna. Electric buses will begin operating from Muzaffarpur and Biharsharif along with Patna.

Diesel-powered buses as well as electric buses will now be seen on the roads of Patna Bihar. It will be launched soon. 8 buses have also reached Phulwarisharif in Patna.

Recharge in one hour, 250 km journey

electric buses will recharge in one hour and can run up to 250 kilometers without interruption. Currently, it will be run from Patna to Rajgir via Bihar Sharif and from Patna to Hajipur to Muzaffarpur. If it is successful, the remaining districts will also be connected to the electric bus project. The most special thing about these buses is that their fare will be less than normal buses. The electric bus will be able to travel for 6 hours once charged. There are also preparations to run CNG buses between Hajipur and Patna after the operation of electric buses. Initially, CNG buses will be operated from Hajipur to Patna via JP Setu.

Bihar State Road Transport Corporation is purchasing these buses, a recharge platform for buses in Phulwarisharif . The number of electric buses plying in Patna will be 21, while two buses each will operate in Muzaffarpur and Bihar Sharif. The registration and permit process of 8 buses which have reached the capital has been completed. All buses are located at Phulwarisharif depot of Transport Department. The remaining buses are likely to arrive from Alwar in Rajasthan by the second week of March. The platform has been prepared on a half-acre plot to charge eight electric buses simultaneously at Phulwarisharif depot. The bus will be fully charged within an hour and will run for about 250 km.

It is expected to start in the first week of

March. Electric buses are expected to be introduced in the first week of March. From the seat to the look, it is similar to the luxury bus. But electric buses are more comfortable than diesel buses. Many modern facilities like air-conditioned, GPS system, CCTV camera, automatic transmission, ITS display, variable message display, emergency button, emergency hammer, hydraulic power steering are given in electric bus. It has 25 seats for passenger. There is also space to erect a wheel chair for the disabled. There is also a facility for hydraulic ramps for the differently-abled.

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