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Pensioner Big News! Minimum pension can increase 9 times, every month will get nine thousand rupees, know how

Soon there will be a minimum pension of up to 9 times. That is, instead of getting 1-1 thousand every month, you will get 9-9 thousand rupees. A decision in this regard will be taken in February.

New Delhi: EPFO ​​Pension Scheme: Soon the minimum monthly pension may increase up to nine times. That is, preparations are going on to increase the minimum pension up to Rs 9,000 thousand every month. The government is going to give this gift to the subscribers of Employees’ Provident Fund Organization’s Employees’ Pension Scheme (Employees Pension SchemeE). If this happens, now people associated with EPS will get 9-9 thousand rupees every month instead of 1-1 thousand rupees.

Decision will be taken in February

According to the report of associate website DNA, the Labor Ministry will take a decision in this regard in the meeting to be held in February. A decision on the new code can also be taken in this meeting. It is believed that the main agenda of the important meeting is to increase the minimum pension under the Employees’ Pension Scheme.

For a long time there was a demand to increase the minimum pension

Please tell that the pensioners have been demanding for a long time that the minimum pension should be increased. There has been debate about this many times. Not only this, the Standing Committee of Parliament had also given suggestions in this regard. It is being told that the decision to increase the minimum pension can be taken on the basis of the recommendations of the committee.

Suggestions were introduced in this regard in March 2021

In this regard, the Standing Committee of Parliament had given suggestions in this regard in March 2021. During this, the committee had said that the minimum pension amount should be increased from the existing one thousand to three thousand. However, in this case, pensioners say that it should be increased to 9 thousand and this will happen only when the pensioners associated with EPS-95 will get the benefit in the true sense. Apart from this, it was suggested that this decision should be taken from the last salary of the person belonging to the minimum pension. That is, the last salary received by the employee just before retirement. On that basis their minimum pension should be fixed.



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