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Railway Rules: Can you travel by railway on someone else’s ticket? Know what is the rule of railways

Railway Rules: If the train ticket is in your name then you can get it transferred, the process is quite easy. However, it is important for you to know about the rules of Railways.

Railway Ticket Transfer Rules: The number of people traveling by train is increasing every year, lakhs of people take the help of train to go from one place to another every day. There is a rush for tickets in trains especially during festivals. People traveling by train have many questions in their mind, one of which is whether they can travel on someone else’s ticket or not… Today we are giving you a special series of IRCTC rules. I will answer this question.

Actually, rules have been made by the Railways for all types of journeys. A similar rule applies to traveling on someone else’s ticket. You can easily travel on someone else’s confirmed ticket, but before that you need to be aware of these rules.

Tickets are transferred only to these people

According to railway rules, only parents, brother-sister, son-daughter or husband-wife can travel on a confirmed ticket. That means you can make only your family travel on your ticket. It is not possible to travel by train on someone else’s ticket. None of your friends can travel on your ticket, tickets can be transferred only to family members.

How is the ticket transferred?

The process of transferring train tickets is also quite easy. For this you have to go to the reservation counter with a copy of the confirmed ticket. The identity card of the person in whose name you want to transfer the ticket is also required here. You have to tell what is your relationship with the person to whom you are transferring the ticket. You also have to provide your identity card. After verification, your ticket is transferred to your family member. Make sure that you apply for ticket transfer 24 hours before the departure of the train.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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