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Railways changed the rule of lower berth, now passengers will get double comfort in travel, Details here

Railways changed the rule of lower berth, now passengers will get double comfort in travel, Details here

Railway New Rules Lower Berth Seats: Everyone from children to senior citizens travels in trains. Most passengers try to book lower berth seats instead of the upper berth, but not everyone gets this facility during reservation. If you are also traveling with an elderly person, then always try to get them a lower berth so that they do not have to face any kind of problem.

Now the biggest good news has come for the passengers. Special arrangements have been made by the railways so that the elderly and pregnant women do not have to face any problems.

This seat is given to the elderly in the train

Railways has made many rules to provide relief to senior citizens. This makes their travel easier. Lower berths can be booked for senior citizens. IRCTC has informed about the easy allotment of lower berths to senior citizens.

Railways had recently informed in a tweet that lower berths are available only when they are available. At the same time, if you book tickets under Reservation Choice Book only if lower berth is allotted at the time of booking, then you will get a lower berth. However, if the seat is not available then the seat is not available.

If you want to avail the facility of lower berth, then the age of the man should be more than 60 years and the age of the woman should be more than 58 years.

Pregnant women get this facility in train

If a woman is pregnant, then she gets priority in lower berth. Women of 45 years or more are also given priority in lower berth. Senior citizens or women can book lower berth seat only from the booking counter or reservation office. Apart from this, pregnant women will have to show medical certificate, only after that their seat will be confirmed.

TT can change your seat during travel

At the same time, if any senior citizen, Divyang or pregnant woman gets a ticket for the upper berth, then the TT onboard can also provide them the lower berth at the time of checking the ticket.

According to the rules of the railways, any passenger traveling on the side lower berth will have to give the seat to the side upper passenger even during the day time. According to a rule of the railways, if two passengers with RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) are already traveling on the lower berth, then also they will have to give the seat to the berth holder.

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