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Railways has made 5 new rules for passengers during travel, the entire journey will be completed comfortably.

Railway Rules: Railways has made 5 new rules for passengers during travel, the entire journey will be completed comfortably.

Railway Rules: If you also travel by train, then you must know these 5 rules for your work. These save you from difficulties in travelling.

Railway Rules: People always like railways for long distance travel. These journeys are not only safe but also comfortable. But you should keep some things in mind while traveling by train. This makes the journey much easier for you and the people traveling with you. Indian Railways makes many rules for the convenience of passengers, in which there are many rules regarding traveling by train at night. Apart from this, what items can be carried in the train and which items are completely prohibited. Let us know some important rules related to railways which make your journey easier.

Rules for sleeping at night

According to railway rules, the time period for sleeping is from 10 pm to 6 am. During this time, lower berth passengers can ask middle berth passengers to go to their berths. Passengers are also prohibited from listening to loud music and talking loudly while traveling at night.

TTE will not check tickets at this time

According to railway rules, TTEs generally do not check tickets between 10 pm to 6 am. These rules have been made to make the journey of passengers comfortable, so that their sleep is not disturbed. However, if your journey starts after 10 pm, this rule does not apply. In such a situation, the ticket checker can check your ticket.

How much luggage can you carry in the train

According to Indian Railways Luggage Rules, passengers can carry only 40 to 70 kg of luggage during the train journey. If someone travels with more luggage than this, he will have to pay a separate fare. The weight of luggage is determined differently according to the railway coach.

Passengers can take up to 40 kg of luggage with them in sleeper class. There is an allowance of carrying 50 kg of luggage up to AC two tier. Passengers can carry up to 70 kg of luggage in First Class AC.

It is prohibited to carry these items in the train

Stops, gas cylinders, any kind of inflammable chemical, firecrackers, acid, smelly items, leather or wet skin, oil, grease, ghee brought in packages during train journey, such items whose breaking or dripping may cause damage to the items or passengers. Can. Carrying prohibited items during railway travel is a crime. If you are carrying any of these prohibited items during your journey, then action can be taken against you under Section 164 of the Railway Act.

Travel can be done through platform ticket

According to railway rules, if you do not have a reservation ticket and want to travel somewhere by train, then you can board the train by purchasing a platform ticket (Platform Ticket Rules) and then easily go to the ticket checker and get the ticket. Can. This rule (Indian Railways Rules) is of Railways only. For this, you should take a platform ticket and immediately contact TTE, TTE will make a ticket till your destination.

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