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Weather Report: Effect of Western Disturbance visible in the weather, at some places there was thunderstorm and at some places heavy hail fell.

Weather Report Effect of Western Disturbance visible in the weather, at some places there was thunderstorm and at some places heavy hail fell.

Due to the impact of western disturbance, the weather of Delhi-NCR has once again taken a turn. On Friday evening, drizzle was seen in Delhi and surrounding areas. At the same time, there was heavy hailstorm in Gurugram and Rewari.

Today Weather Update: Due to strong sunshine in the capital Delhi on Friday, the maximum temperature of the day was 5 degrees higher than normal. However, the weather changed in the evening and it started becoming cloudy. The weather became pleasant due to strong wind and rain in the surrounding areas.

The day’s maximum temperature was recorded at 37.8 degrees Celsius at Delhi’s Standard Observatory Safdarjung. This is also the highest maximum temperature of this season. At the same time, the minimum temperature was recorded at 20.5 degrees Celsius, which is two degrees more than normal. The humidity level here ranged from 79 to 35 percent. The maximum temperature of Delhi’s Sports Complex was recorded at 38.5 and Najafgarh’s was 38 degrees Celsius.

The Meteorological Department estimates that the effect of western disturbance will be seen on the weather of Delhi on Saturday also. Due to this, light drizzle may occur in different areas.

Damage to crops due to hailstorm

The weather changed suddenly on Friday evening. Within a short time, as soon as the rain started in Gurugram and Rewari, there was heavy hailstorm. Pataudi and Rewari areas of Gurugram were most affected by the hailstorm in Dharuheda area. The ripe wheat crop spread over several acres was damaged due to hailstorm.

After a dust storm at 5 pm on Friday, the weather suddenly changed and within no time there was heavy hailstorm in many villages of Rewari and Pataudi areas. Hail has caused severe damage to wheat and mustard crops in some villages. Farmers are disappointed after seeing the damaged crops. Maximum hailstorm occurred in Dharuhera and Kapriwas area. Due to which white sheets of hail were spread on the roads and fields. At this time, some farmers have harvested the mustard crop and collected it for drying while some farmers are busy harvesting wheat. While the strong storm blew away the mustard crop far away, it destroyed the wheat crop completely. After which, due to heavy hailstorm, the wheat ears broke and collapsed. The hail that fell for about 20 minutes has caused huge damage to the crops of some villages.

Drizzle brought relief from the heat

People were troubled by the scorching sun in Noida city on Friday afternoon, but drizzle in the evening brought relief to the people from the heat. The maximum temperature in the district was recorded at 37 degrees Celsius, four degrees above normal, and the minimum temperature was 21 degrees Celsius. The humidity level in the air ranged from 37 to 74 percent. According to the information, Greater Noida was the second most polluted city of Delhi-NCR on Friday. The Air Quality Index (AQI) of Greater Noida was recorded at 180 in the yellow zone and 155 in Noida.

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