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Relationships with 35 girlfriends together! Jail reached due to a mistake

There have been many cases when a man has two or three girlfriends. But a case has come to light where a man has 35 girlfriends at the same time. However, one of his mistakes was overshadowed by him and he was arrested.

Actually, this is the case of Japan. According to a report in the New York Post, police arrested a man who had relationships with 35 different women at the same time. It told all women about their different birthdays. This whole matter was also revealed in a very interesting way.

According to the report, the 39-year-old man is named Takashi Miyagawa. His first girlfriend gave him gifts. After this, his hobby of gifts went on increasing and he started making new girlfriends in the affair of gifts. This figure reached 35 in a few days.

The interesting thing is that he left any old girlfriend, he used to date everyone together. It was told in the report that his motive behind this was not to love but to take new gifts. But this same mistake overshadowed him.

According to police, accused Takashi Miyagawa is a part time worker who sells goods from door to door. Miyagawa met all these women through a marketing company, as well as he sold a lot of things, it made a good profit, so his second plan started.

He started making girlfriends all of these women one by one. He started taking gifts from them. Told everyone their different birthday. She told a 47-year-old girlfriend her birthday on February 22, while another 40-year-old woman told her birthday in July. Apart from this, he told another woman that his birthday comes in April.

His actual birthday was 14 November. But, telling everyone different dates, she partyed and took expensive gifts from those women. After this, every one of the women suddenly realized something of his deception, then she complained to the police. When the police started the investigation, the shocking revelations were revealed.

As soon as the matter was revealed, 35 girlfriends of Miyagawa came out one by one. Mostly he used to target single women, and used to implicate them by saying the most married thing, now he is now under police custody. The media has also named him ‘Japanese Romeo’.

Police said that all these women have given Miyagawa more expensive gifts than one. These include clothes, gift items and cash. The accused met all these victims while working for a marketing company selling them.

At present, the police have arrested Miyagawa and sent him to jail. There is no definite place of stay with the accused. The police have accused him of cheating 35 women on marriage.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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