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SBI Yono: Big Alert for SBI customers.

Online scams have been on the rise in recent times. With this in mind, domestic banking giant State Bank of India (SBI) is taking the latest steps to ensure the safety of its customers. It has recently added some strict rules and regulations to the safety of its customers. Made it clear that the accounts of customers who did not comply with these security rules would be frozen. It is learned that SBI has launched an app called Yono to streamline everything from home without going directly to the bank. This Yono app is used by almost every SBI customer. However, now SBI has added more security features in the Yono app.

According to these rules, you need to log into the Yono app with the number linked to your bank account. Also, a SIM with that number is a must on your mobile. SBI has stated that it will not be possible under any circumstances to attempt to log in through another number. The decision was revealed by SBI in a tweet. “Make secure use of banking facilities with the Yono app. The Yono app security standards have been further enhanced. It is now possible to log into the Yono app only with a phone number registered with the bank. Please be aware of this change,” the tweet said. .

New rule?

Due to the corona lockdown people were all confined to their homes. Banks, on the other hand, have also reduced their working hours. In this context, customers are increasingly turning to online transactions. Exactly the same has become a boon for cybercriminals. Cybercriminals can easily find out customers’ names and passwords and make money from their accounts. As a result, ABBI has received a large number of complaints from many customers that the amount is being debited from the account without their knowledge.

FIS surveyed 2,000 customers between June 2020 and April 2021 on the same subject. 34% of survey participants said they had been exposed to financial fraud over the past year. Meanwhile, 41% of young people between the ages of 25 and 29 said they had been caught in a cybercrime net and lost money. By the end of December 2020, there were almost 32 million SBI Yono app users.



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