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Shamita Shetty stumbled while speaking Hindi, publicly suffered this punishment

The video of Shamita Shetty is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this video you will see that Shamita Shetty is defeated in speaking Hindi, after which she has to face such severe punishment in public.

Shamita Shetty Video: Be it ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ then ‘Bigg Boss Season 15’, Shamita Shetty made a lot of noise in both of them. However, Shamita continued to be the subject of discussion among the family members for using English. But recently when Shamita reached another reality show, she staggered so much while speaking Hindi that she had to face the punishment publicly.

Shamita reached the show ‘Khatra Khatra Khatra’

Shamita Shetty recently reached the set of reality show ‘Khatra Khatra Khatra’. The special thing is that Nishant Bhatt and Pratik Sehajpal, who were her co-contestants, were also seen to have fun with Shamita. In this show, these three had fun with each other fiercely.

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Shamita got this task

The host of this show Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachiyaa gave the task of speaking in Hindi to Shamita Shetty. In the video, Bharti told Shamita that you have to praise your friends in pure Hindi. Wherever you get stuck, you will get a shock (current).

Got this punishment

Shamita gets stuck in speaking Hindi while doing this task. As soon as Shamita gets stuck, she gets a shock of the current, due to which she starts screaming. Seeing Shamita like this, Nishant and Prateek present there not only laugh, but the audience also starts laughing out loud.

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Tweezers on Nishant’s body

After this Nishant is given the task. Tweezers are put on Nishant’s body for the task, which Nishant will have to remove while dancing. Nishant dances like this and takes out some tweezers. After that they start screaming loudly.

Friendship with ‘Bigg Boss OTT’

Shamita Shetty, Nishant Bhatt and Prateek Sahajpal’s friendship started with ‘Bigg Boss OTT’. After that the friendship of these two got stronger in ‘Bigg Boss Season 15’. These three were seen supporting each other mostly later. Although the fights of these three were also seen in the show.



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