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Urfi Javed was posing, sister said something like this in her ear; The actress started doing this act openly

Urfi Javed was spotted with her sister Asfi in the new video. Seeing the paparazzi, as soon as Urfi was posing, then Asfi said something that Urfi suddenly stopped.

Urfi Javed New Video: Sometimes by sharing hot videos on the seashore and sometimes with her statement, Urfi Javed always sets social media on fire. While now Urfi is on camera with her youngest sister Asfi Javed. imprisoned in During this, Urfi Javed was surprised to know that Asfi had said such a thing in Urfi’s ears.

Asfi giving competition to sister

Asfi Javed was spotted outside a restaurant in Mumbai with her elder sister Urfi. During this, both of them started posing on seeing the paparazzi. While Urfi was seen wearing a tube top with weird pants torn jeans, Asfi was seen wearing a crop top with a pencil skirt.

On seeing Urfi, something like this said in the ears

Urfi Javed started posing on seeing the paparazzi. Then Asfi’s eyes fell on Urfi and she started saying something to her in her ear. After this, Urfi started cleaning her teeth after moving around a bit. After this, Urfi said that today she has fulfilled the duty of being a true sister. After this the paparazzi asked what was said in the ear. Urfi replied that Asfi said that there is lipstick in her teeth. After this, Urfi says that this is what sisters do.

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Who is Asfi Javed

Asfi is the youngest sister of Urfi Javed and is a blogger. Every day Asfi keeps sharing her glamorous pictures on social media, which becomes viral on sight. The special thing is that there is no answer to Asfi even in the dressing sense. Asfi keeps on sharing pictures of her different dresses every day, on which her fans comment heavily.

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There was a fire on the beach

Earlier, Urfi Javed had shared a video of the beach which created panic. In the video, Urfi was seen wearing a bra made of animal shells with a transparent cloth wrapped around her body. This video is becoming very viral.



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