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SIM Card Limit: Now keeping more SIM cards than this limit will attract a fine and you will go to jail, know what is the limit?

Telecom Act 2023 has been implemented from 26 June 2024. According to this Act, issuing more SIM cards than the limit set by the government can lead to heavy fines and jail sentence. Let us know about the new Act in detail.

SIM Card limit: The government is constantly tightening telecom rules to prevent fraud and crime. In this regard, a new rule has been implemented regarding the limit of SIM cards. In such a situation, if many SIM cards are issued in the name of a person, then it can create problems for them. According to the new Act, if you have more SIM cards than the limit prescribed by the Telecom Act, then you may have to pay a heavy fine or even go to jail. In such a situation, it is important to know how many SIM cards have been issued in your name and what is its limit.

What is the limit of keeping SIM cards?

How many SIM cards a person can take will depend on which state of the country he is taking the SIM card from. According to Nitin Arora, partner of Grant Thornton India, “A maximum limit of nine SIM cards per person has been fixed, while in Jammu and Kashmir, Assam and Northeast Licensed Service Areas (LSA) it is limited to six.”

The new Telecom Act 2023 has put the maximum number of SIM cards that a person can hold at 9. Clarifying this further, Arun Prabhu, Partner (Head – Technology and Telecom), Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, said, “The Telecom Act, 2023 does not set any specific limit on the number of SIM cards a person can hold. In fact, it makes the existing rules on customer verification effective.”

How much will be the penalty?

According to this rule, which will come into effect from June 26, 2024, if you get more than nine or six (in certain circles) SIM cards issued in your name, then you can be fined heavily. Explaining the penalties prescribed by the new Telecom Act, Nitin Arora of Grant Thornton India said, “A penalty of up to Rs 50,000 will be imposed for obtaining more than the prescribed limit for the first time, while for doing so multiple times, it can be up to Rs 2 lakh.”

Can be imprisoned for 3 years

At the same time, Abhishek, a lawyer at DSK Legal, while explaining about the new Telecom Act, said, “There is no specific provision for fine or jail for keeping more SIM cards than the limit. However, under the new Telecom Act, 2023, obtaining a SIM card by fraud, cheating or using wrong means can lead to imprisonment of up to 3 years or a fine of up to Rs 50 lakh or both. Therefore, if someone has more SIM cards than the prescribed limit, it is possible that they have been obtained illegally.”

Shyamu Maurya
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