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Sri Lanka News: Sri Lanka’s big decision, ban on the burqa, madrasas will be closed

Sri Lanka is going to ban the burqa in view of national security. More than one thousand madrasas and Islamic schools will also be closed. Sri Lankan Public Safety Minister Sharath Veerasekara has stated the need for this decision, as a sign of growing fundamentalism.

Minister Veerasekara said, he has signed the bill for the approval of the cabinet. The bill seeks approval to prohibit Muslim women from covering the entire face as the basis of national security. Parliament can legislate after cabinet seal.

Veerasekara said, Muslim girls and women never wore burqas in the country in the initial phase. Its trend has increased rapidly over the years. The main reason for this is the increasing religious fundamentalism. So, it is necessary to stop it. Significantly, many countries have banned the burqa in the past. Recently, Switzerland also banned the wearing of burqas by holding a referendum.

Seminaries are fun to education policy making

, according to Minister Virasekra, who has a thousand schools and propose a ban on Islamic schools, they are making a mockery of national education policy. No one can be allowed to teach anything.

Even after the attack on churches and hotels in Buddhist-dominated Sri Lanka in 2019, there was a temporary ban on wearing the burqa. Last year, the government ordered the burning of Muslims who lost their lives in Corona instead of burial. However, the ban was later lifted.



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