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Systematic Savings Plan: Open an account in IDBI Bank’s SSP plan for 100 rupees, know its features here

Systematic Savings Plan: In this plan, customers get the benefit of regular savings and at the same time a special cover of 5 lakh rupees is also given.

IDBI Bank has launched a great savings plan for its customers. IDBI Bank has introduced a facility for customers to increase their capital through monthly installments.

For this, the bank has launched a special plan called SSP + ie IDBI Systematic Savings Plan-Plus (Systematic Savings Plan). In this plan, customers get the benefit of regular savings and a special cover of Rs 5 lakh is also given. Recently, IDBI Bank has given information about this plan through its tweet.

Here we are telling what are the features of this saving scheme.

Through this Systematic Savings Plan (IDBI Systematic Savings Plan), you can add your savings according to convenience.

In this, along with your regular income, you can also deposit a fixed amount every month. Your deposited amount will be deducted from your savings account every month.

Along with this, the bank is also giving a complimentary insurance cover of up to 5 lakh rupees as a big benefit. Apart from this, another benefit of this savings plan is that you also get 1,000 redeemable reward points.

To open a Systematic Savings Plan-Plus account, you have to go to your nearest IDBI Bank branch and apply for it.

What is special
Pre-determined savings for future goals.
Regular saving facility for a fixed period.
The period of deposit in this scheme is from 1 year to 10 years.
In this, you can start a deposit from 100 rupees.

Other features
It gets one time redeemable reward points (up to 1,000 points).
In this, complimentary personal accidental insurance cover of up to Rs 5 lakh is available.
The minimum installment amount in this is Rs 5,000 and after that you can deposit in the coefficient of Rs 100.



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