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Terence breaks silence on relationship with Nora Fatehi, reveals secrets

Terence Lewis Nora Fatehi Relationship: The chemistry between Terence and Nora has often been seen on reality shows. After which the news of their affair started flying. But what is the truth of this relationship, it has been told by Terence himself.

Nora Fatehi and Terence Lewis: Bollywood actress and amazing dancer Nora Fatehi is often dominated on social media. Today everyone wants to know about their relationship status. But his name has been associated with many celebs, including Terence Lewis. Recently, Terence himself revealed his relationship.

Terence breaks silence

The name of the famous dancer Terence Lewis keeps getting associated with the actress and Nora Fatehi, the magician of her dancing. Fans keep speculating about both that both are in relationship with each other (Terence Lewis Nora Fatehi). However, no information was revealed on this from Terence or Nora’s side. After which now Terence has finally broken his silence on this. He has said something which is surprising the people.

‘Let the secret be the secret’

In fact, during a recent interview, Terence Lewis was asked if he and Nora were ever in a relationship. Responding to which, he said, ‘Let the secret be the secret’. I will tell you off-camera. After which Terence further said that they are only good friends, nothing more. At the same time, to the point that they both look good together. Terence said, ‘I think we have good chemistry on screen. Most importantly, he is an independent personality. I like his energy a lot. She has been a dancer, so she understands that. He is also very hardworking.

Terence told how is Nora

Terence Lewis latest statement said, ‘She is very real and whatever comes to her mind, she speaks. In which there is no filter. Sometimes she says something and I tell her that you shouldn’t have said that, but she is like that. Now I have said this.’ But that is their attraction. She is lovely.’ After which they were asked if they were good friends. To which Terence said, ‘Yes, we are good friends. But I would not say that we are very good friends, where we call each other everyday. But there is a healthy relationship between us. At the same time, when they were asked whether they can date each other in the future. Terence laughed at this.



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