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Traffic police cannot issue challan if this app is present in smartphone

Vehicle Documents: If this app is present in your smartphone then believe me the traffic police cannot issue your challan.

Vehicle Documents: If you forget to keep the vehicle documents with you, then the challan of your vehicle may be deducted. It is very important to have the document when the traffic police does the checking. In such a situation, if there are no documents then challan will be issued, however there is an app which if present in your phone then you can avoid challan. It is very important for every vehicle user to know about this.

Digi Locker App will save you from challan

Digilocker app is a very trending and essential app for every vehicle owner, thanks to which you can save your vehicle from fines. In fact, when you go out with your vehicle and its documents are not with you, be it pollution or vehicle registration or your driving license, if you do not have any of these documents then the traffic police has the right to He can deduct your challan. If you do not want this, then you can download this 19 MB app from Google Play Store. After downloading this app, you just have to upload your important documents on it.

What to do if traffic police stops you

If you are stopped by the traffic police, then first of all you have to show these documents to the traffic police in the DigiLocker app present in your smartphone. This is a government recognized app, hence no traffic police can refuse to accept it. If you have a physical copy then you can show it, but if you are not traveling with a physical copy then you can save yourself from the challan by showing the documents available in the app.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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