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Viral Video: Aunty danced after drinking alcohol on the song ‘Do Ghunt Pila De’ at the wedding, the guests were stunned

Aunty Dance Video: Thousands of videos go viral on the internet every day, but among them such a video of a drunk aunty is going viral, after seeing which you will be stunned.

Drunk Aunty Dance Video: Getting drunk at North Indian weddings is not a new thing. We often see drunk people swaying on the dance floor with swaying feet. Many times such people also push the guests who come to the wedding.

However, in an atmosphere of happiness, people ignore this and enjoy joining the guests. Sometimes, women are also seen doing the same. Getting drunk, she captures the dance floor present at the wedding with her moves. Something similar was seen in this viral video.

Aunty danced on old song with a bottle

In the video we can see that an aunt who came to the wedding is dancing openly in a state of intoxication. The song ‘Do Ghont Pila De Sakiya’ from the 1985 film ‘Kala Sooraj’ can be heard playing in the background. This video uploaded on YouTube recently resurfaced on social media, in which a woman wearing a purple sari, who is already very drunk, brings a bottle of liquor to the dance floor.

Auntie starts dancing on the floor

As soon as the video starts, Auntie pulls another woman to dance with her and then starts rolling on the ground with a bottle in her hand. As soon as the woman tries to get away, she pulls the woman down again. She also asks him to drink and dance with her.

Another woman then tries to lift him off the floor but she tries to drag him down as well. Auntie again tries to drag others onto the dance floor, but before that she drinks a little more and dances. It lasts for a few minutes and the guests continue to watch the dance performance of the lady with entertainment.




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