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Visa-free Countries: Good News! Now these 2 countries are giving visa free entry to Indians, know complete details

Visa-free Countries: Recently Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia had decided to provide visa-free entry to Indians.

Indians traveling abroad will no longer need visas for Kenya and Iran. Both the countries have announced to make themselves visa-free countries. This has further lengthened the list of visa-free countries for Indians.

Travel will become easier as visa requirement is abolished

Kenyan President William Ruto has announced that foreigners coming to his country will not need a visa to enter the country from January 2024. Iran has also abolished the need for visa for travelers from 33 countries coming to its country. India is also included in these 33 countries.

Kenyan President Ruto said tourism will get a boost

President Ruto has made it clear that his new effort will speed up the issuance of electronic travel permit cards. This will eliminate the time-consuming process of applying for a visa. Also, this will be a big step towards promoting tourism and international relations.

Use of digital platforms will be increased

The government plans to use a recently created digital platform to speed up the entry process into the country. Kenya’s economy is mostly dependent on tourism, the country is renowned for its diverse landscapes and dynamic culture. The government hopes that eliminating the visa requirement will help attract more foreign tourists.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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