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WhatsApp banking service started by Bank of Baroda, will be able to deal with many messages on 8433888777

How To Activate Bank of Baroda Banking Services on WhatsApp: Public Sector Bank of Baroda (BOB) has announced the introduction of banking services on the messaging platform WhatsApp. Bank of Baroda is providing services such as account balance information, mini statement, check status information, checkbook request, blocking debit cord and information about products and services through WhatsApp.

Banking services will be available round the clock 24 hours through the messaging platform of Bank of Baroda. There is no need to download additional applications for this. Bank executive director AK Khurana said in the statement, “Amidst the growing influence of social media, we believe that through WhatsApp banking, customers will get a lot of convenience and will be able to meet their banking needs.”

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How to activate Bank of Baroda (Bob) banking services on WhatsApp (BoB WhatsApp Business Account Number)

  • Registration: First of all, save BoB’s WhatsApp Business Account Number 8433 888 777 in your contact list.
  • Send message: Send ‘Hi’ message to 8433 888 777 from your WhatsApp. After this, many options will be offered to you by the bank on the chat as an answer. Where you will be able to get many types of information related to Bob’s banking services easily.

It is worth mentioning that such people who are not customers of the bank can also get information about the products, services, offerings, ATMs and branches of Bank of Baroda. BOB currently has more than 8,200 branches and more than 10,000 ATMs across the country. According to Bank of Baroda, it has more than 131 million customers in 21 countries.




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