PF Money: When and how much money can be withdrawn from public provident fund, learn the rules


Public Provident Fund is seen as a better tax saving investment. In the long run, it gives you better returns as well as security. Public Provident Fund is seen as a low risk investment. PPF account is matured in 15 years. Investors can withdraw money from there even before the time of need. Also, loan facility is available on PPF account. Currently, PPF account is getting interest of 7.1 percent.

On withdrawing money from PPF account before 15 years, Jitendra Solanki says, ‘Money can be withdrawn from PPF account from the sixth year of opening. People who need money if their PPF account is 5 years old, then they can withdraw money easily from there.

On how much money can be withdrawn from a PPF account, Solanki tells that the amount invested in the first four years or the last four years can be withdrawn from there. Can I withdraw money from a PF account even before five years? On answering this question, Manikaran Singhal, founder of, says, “As per rules, you cannot withdraw money from PPF account before 5 years. But if you are more than 3 years old, you can take a loan on a PPF account.

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