Three types of insurance which are very important in today’s time


The Corona epidemic has made it clear that insurance is very important today. Insurance provides a type of security. If someone dies suddenly or needs money for treatment, insurance cover proves to be very helpful in such emergency situations. These three types of insurance which are necessary in today’s time –

Term life insurance

In today’s time, who can suffer which fatal disease can not be said. In such a situation, if other family members are dependent on your income, then it is very important to get term life insurance. After someone’s sudden death, a large amount is paid to the nominee like insurance companies. Life insurance plans should be taken at a young age, this reduces the monthly installment.

Health insurance

In today’s time, health insurance has become a necessary investment. There are many types of health insurance plans available in the market. If you buy a plan in such a situation, then check its term and conditions before that. By doing this the damage is least likely. Many companies arrange insurance for their employees. In which the parents, wife, sons and daughters of the employee also get cover.

Automobile insurance

Third party insurance is mandatory on automobiles in India. But it is often seen that they are not very beneficial after insurance accident. In such a situation, it is necessary to see in third party insurance whether the accidental treatment is covered or not. Also, what are the terms and conditions for recovery on the damage to the vehicle.

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