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Why is our immunity weakening in the fight against Corona, instead of defending, it turns against us

Cytokinin storm or multi organ failure or psoriasis or diabetes or arthritis and baldness. Autoimmune disorder is the cause of all these diseases.

The whole world is talking about immunity to prevent corona and various measures are being taken to increase it. After all, why does the immunity that is the responsibility of protecting the body stop working? Or how many times our protector immunity starts working against us. Let’s understand how immunity plays a role in protecting the body. And when and how our immunity starts working against the body, which we call auto immune disorder.

Our body is made up of 90 percent microbes cell and only ten percent human cells are in it. There is a completely microbial world around us which plays an important role in human works. It is said that a person will not be able to live without microbes and whether there is nose, throat, intestine or skin, there is a role of microbes everywhere. Our physical health depends on the behavior of microbes. That is why outside, that is, the microbes inside the body fight against the bad microbes outside the body, which Nature has given to the human being. Microbial health inside a human depends on things like food, living and environment, pollution, so it directly affects the immunity of the body.

What is a microworld?

Richa Ranjan, a naturalist who has been educated at IIT Roorkee, says that there is a large world of microbes around us and according to the information there are billions of space microbes in which humans hardly know about hundred or thousand viruses, bacteria like microbes. . Therefore, the world of microbes is not irrelevant to us. It is said that from the digestion of food to the elimination of body residues, there is a big roll of microbes. Therefore microbes have a big role in the behavior of immunity.

Actually, immunity is the gift of God in the body since childhood. This is an army inside the body which is always ready to fight the attack from outside. External and unwanted particles are called antigens against which the body has the ability to prepare antibodies. This antibody provides immunity to our body.

Richa Ranjan, an IITian, ​​says that the training of the army inside the body, that is, the immunity training, has started going wrong. The reason for this training being wrong is our food, living in polluted atmosphere which is either weakening the army inside us or giving such training which starts working against our body. This is why auto immune disorders are happening. Actually, cytokine storm or multi organ failure or psoriasis or diabetes or arthritis and baldness. Autoimmune disorder is the reason for all these diseases.

How is immunity going bad?

Food made in labs, or food made from genetic engineered or hybrid seeds, is not natural. Not only this, milk is also being found in our daily routine, but it is also found in Jersey cow instead of Desi cow which is very harmful for health. Therefore, in a study in New Zealand, it has been claimed that the cow of the native breed has A2 protein while the Jersey cow has A1 protein. The study claimed that A2 protein is more digestible than A1 protein. The peptide bond of A1 protein, which is available in our daily life through milk or milk products, does not break down like opium on the body and mind.

Not only this, wheat protein or chemical-rich sugar, salt and oil on the one hand spoil the immunity, on the other hand, antibiotics are killing not only bad microbes but also good microbes. Obviously, due to poor eating and heavy changes in living conditions, the microbial world is affected, which is fatal to our immunity.

How has urbanization and the changing food habits of humans made immunity our enemy?

Before 1960, people used to eat local food especially in India, as well as drink the milk of the native cow there. Consumption of milk made was less, because the milk of the native cow was less destined. During the festival, milk pudding was made and it was called Amrit by using Dutha in Panchamrit. The reason for the cow-based agroeconomy was also dependent on cow dung, which increased the nutritional value of agricultural soils. Microbes convert dung into soil and compost in a day which increases the fertilizer power of the farm many times.

But the calcium and protein of Jersey cow’s milk is not digestible, so it takes the form of a virus in the body. It is obvious that due to high milk yield and urbanization, the use of chemicals in cow feed has also increased so much that the protein of cow’s milk is not digestible to the human body.

Richa says that man also falls into the category of Mammals because he feeds his child. There are 6400 species of mammals all over the world who still feed their child. But this trend is changing in humans. Many children are unable to get mother’s milk which is enough to weaken the first level of immunity. It is obvious that our immunity is our armor for more and more diseases, but due to changing modalities and changes in diet and living conditions, we are either getting weak or working in the wrong direction.



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