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7th Pay Commission: Central employees will get double happiness together! Promotion will be available with increase in TA, DA

7th Pay Commission latest news today: Great news has come for the central employees. They are going to get a big amount together. This time it is certain that there is going to be a big increase in his salary.

7th Pay Commission: The next 6 months will be very happy for the Central Government Employees. The appraisal window for central employees will remain open till the end of June. In this they will have to give self assessment. Apart from this, the installment of dearness allowance will start getting in July. Three installments of Dearness Allowance will be paid simultaneously. At the same time, it is also clear that there will be a significant increase in the salary of central employees in July. Along with this, there is also a demand of the central employees that they should also be paid the arrears of 18 months simultaneously. But, the government is not in a mood to pay it at this time.

Only dearness allowance will not be increased from July. Rather, they will also be given promotion. After filling the self-assessment forms in the month of June, they will be reviewed at the level of officers. Only after that the file will be forwarded. Along with promotion, the salary of central employees will also be increased. This assessment will be completed by December 2021. Promotion and salary hike will be done as per the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission. For this, EPFO ​​has also started preparations from its side.

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Payment of dues is also possible

It is being demanded from the central employees that their dues should also be paid simultaneously. Which should be from January 2020 to June 2021. This means that the arrears should also be paid along with these instalments. But the government does not appear to be in this mood at this time, because there is already a heavy burden on the government due to the corona epidemic. In this regard, a meeting between the Ministry of Finance, Government of India and the employees’ organization is going to be held in the month of June itself. But its date has not been decided yet. Due to the payment of arrears, a huge amount is going to come in the account of the central employees.

Dearness allowance may increase by 4 percent

Dearness allowance of central employees is to be paid in the month of July. Three installments of January 2020 dues, June 2020 dues and January 2021 dues will be paid. But now the dearness allowance for June 2021 is going to be increased. It is being speculated that the dearness allowance may be increased by 4 percent. However, it will be announced later whether it is increased by 4 percent or not. If the dearness allowance is increased by 4 percent, then the total dearness allowance will increase to 32 percent. But, it is certain that by the end of the year, the salary of central employees will definitely be increased.



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