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Asha Bhosle did Hrithik’s signature step at the age of 88, will say watching VIDEO- WOW

India’s Best Dancer 2: A video of Asha Bhosle is becoming fiercely viral in which she is surprising people by showing her dancing skills.

New Delhi: Asha Bhosle will be seen as a special guest in ‘India’s Best Dancer 2’. Some glimpses of this upcoming episode are doing the rounds on social media. One of these videos has also surfaced in which Malaika Arora and Terence Lewis are also seen pressing their fingers under their teeth. Because at the age of 88, Asha Bhosle is seen doing a strong dance.

Name your favorite dancers

Actually, in this viral video, Asha Bhosle is seen sitting and talking with all the judges. She tells the names of her favorite dancers. After this something happens that no one even imagined. She stands in her place and starts doing Hrithik Roshan’s signature step. Seeing this, all the judges and the audience are stunned. Watch this video…

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Little Helen told the contestants

She praised the show’s contestant Saumya and called her ‘Choti Helen’. Veteran singer has been very impressed with Saumya’s belly dancing. While dancing to the song ‘Khatuba’ from the 1980s film ‘Alibaba Aur 40 Chor’, Saumya made Asha Bhosle her fan. She shared her preference for belly dancing and also praised choreographer Vartika Jha.

What did Asha Bhosle say?

Bhosale said, ‘I like belly dancing as a form of dance. What you have done today, I especially go to Dubai to see such demonstrations. Soumya, you are a special dancer. She said that ‘that is why I want to praise you and call you Natraj. To me, you are little Helen. Also, Vartika, you are a great choreographer. You have really done this performance in a very good way. Let us tell you that Malaika Arora, Geeta Kapoor and Terence Lewis are judging ‘India’s Best Dance 2’. It airs on Sony Entertainment Television.




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