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Driving License New Rules: Changes in the rules for making driving license, there will not be much trouble now


Those who have a Driving License do not have to go to the RTO office again and again. According to the new rules, online application can now be made for learning license. Uploading of Fees and other documents can also be done sitting at home.

Delhi: Driving License News If you are going to get a driving license then this news is very important for you. Between Corona era and continuously digital India, many states have implemented new rules on the instructions of the Union Ministry of Transport (Digital Transport), after which the method of application has changed now. is.

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Driving license is now easier

With the beginning of the year 2021, new rules of driving license have come into force in most states including Uttar Pradesh (UP), Bihar (Bihar), Madhya Pradesh (MP), Rajasthan (Rajsthan) and Jharkhand (Jharkhand). According to the new rules, the system of depositing fees for learning license has been changed. Now the learning license fees have to be deposited as soon as the online slot is booked and the next date for driving test is available as per the applicant’s convenience as soon as the fees are deposited.

How to apply

For license related services, you have to go to the website of the Transport Department and click on Driving License Services. While filling the form, you will have to provide some information. Apart from this, other documents related to driving license will also have to be uploaded. After this, the applicant will have to go only to participate in the online examination in RTO. In this, 10 questions will be asked about traffic rules in the 10-minute exam. In order to pass the exam, at least 6 questions have to be answered correctly. After this, the Transport Department takes further action as per the rules and uploads the information on the website whose print out can also be taken by the applicant himself.

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