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Indian Railway Passengers Alert! Now traveling by railway has become more expensive, these charges will be recovered

New Delhi: If you travel by train, then soon this journey of yours may become a bit expensive. Passengers will have to pay an additional charge between Rs 10 and Rs 50 for boarding trains from stations that have been redeveloped or will be further developed soon. Similar charges will also be levied from the passengers at those stations which have been revamped or will be built in a new way. Passengers will not have to pay this fee separately. This charge will be added to the ticket at the time the passenger takes the ticket.

Charges will be added in five categories

This fee of railway passengers will be added in five categories. The highest fee will be charged in AC First Class, followed by AC Second, then in AC Third and Sleeper Class passengers will also be charged this fee. The lowest fee will be charged from the passengers traveling in the general category.

The Railway Ministry will soon add this fee to the fare. After the addition of this fee, there will be an increase in the revenue of the private companies developing the stations. The ministry expects that after this step, private companies will actively participate in the redevelopment of stations and passengers will get the benefit of facilities at the stations.

Charges will be levied at the redeveloped station

Sources said that earlier a decision in this regard was sent by the Railways to the cabinet. However, it has now been decided that the national transporter itself will notify the charges and present it to the government along with the detailed policy. However, this fee will be applicable only at the station which has been redeveloped.



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