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ITR Form: Big News! ITR form is different for every person, are you making a mistake somewhere,check details immediately

The ITR form is different for every individual. There is a provision to fill a separate form for similar companies and institutions. Are you doing any mistake while filing ITR? Know which form should be filled by which person, company and organization?

ITR Form-1 (Sahaj)

This is for those earning up to 50 lakhs. This includes income from salary, pension, house property and other sources.

ITR Form-2

This is for those individuals / HUFS who have income from salary / pension, house property and other sources and that is more than Rs 50 lakh

ITR Form-3

Any person who is doing business, or earning income from any profession, should fill ITR 3 form

ITR Form-4

Those people and HUF people who are earning through business, profession (doctor, lawyer etc.), they have to submit this form

ITR Form-5

This form is for those Institutions who have registered themselves as Firms, LLPs, AOPs, BOIs

ITR Form-6

Those companies which do not get exemption under section 11 of the Income Tax Act, they have to fill this form

ITR Form-7

This form is for individuals or companies who file returns under section 139(4A) or section 139(4B) or section 139(4C) or section 139(4D)



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