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No one could make a case even on the damage caused by the vaccine, the Serum Institute, which made Covishield, sought protection from the government

Serum Institute of India, which manufactures AstraZeneca’s Vaccine Covishield in India, has sought legal protection from any compensation or compensation claims in case of adverse events associated with its vaccine. News agency ANI has given this information. Let us tell you that this news has come at a time when there is speculation that the Indian government may give such protection to foreign companies like Pfizer and Moderna.

In fact, in view of the increasing cases of corona in India, the government has tied up with many foreign vaccine manufacturers. However, a legal issue seemed to be stuck. American companies Pfizer and Moderna had demanded the Indian government to give it legal protection from any claim related to the use of their Kovid-19 vaccine. According to reports, the Indian government had also agreed to this. Now Serum Institute has also demanded similar protection regarding its vaccine.

Sources told news agency ANI, “If foreign companies are getting exemption from any compensation or compensation claim, then why not only Serum Institute of India but all companies making vaccines should be exempted from it.”

Let us inform that earlier India’s drug regulatory body i.e. DGCI had removed the conditions for conducting separate local trials of foreign vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna to bring them to India as soon as possible. According to the new rules, if a vaccine has received emergency use approval from the drug regulatory body of major countries or the World Health Organization, they will not have to undergo a separate trial in India.



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