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Post office monthly income scheme account opening interest rate rule and other details,check details immediately

Post Office Monthly Income Scheme: Account can be opened both single or jointly in the Post Office MIS Scheme.

Post Office Monthly Income Scheme: Doing something on the day of Diwali (Diwali 2021) is considered very auspicious. In such a situation, if you want, you can start your investment better on the occasion of Diwali. You can choose from many investment options. If you are interested in Small Saving Scheme, then there is a special Monthly Income Scheme of the Post Office which you can call Happy Diwali. It is not only safe but also earns you every month.

Investment amount in MIS scheme

In the Post Office MIS Scheme, the account can be opened both singly or jointly. While opening a personal account, you have to start with a minimum of Rs 1000. A maximum investment of Rs 4.5 lakh can be made in this scheme. You can invest up to a maximum of Rs 9 lakh in a joint account. It earns interest every month. At present, this scheme is getting interest at the rate of 6.6 percent per annum.

Joint account can also be opened

Two or three people can also open a joint account in the scheme. The income received in return of this account is divided equally among each member. If you want, you can convert a joint account into a single account at any time and similarly convert a single account into a joint account at any time. Yes, to make any changes in the account, the application with the signature of all the account members will be required.

There are some conditions on the withdrawal of money

You can withdraw the money deposited in this scheme even earlier, although then you will get back after deducting some money. You cannot withdraw money for one year from the date of account opening. Yes, if you want to withdraw money between one year to three years of account opening, then 2 percent of the deposit amount will be deducted. If you withdraw money before maturity after 3 years of account opening, then 1% of the deposit amount is deducted.

There is also facility to transfer account

You can transfer the account from one post office to another post office. When the maturity of this investment ie five years is completed, then you can invest it again. One can also appoint a nominee in this. If the account holder unfortunately dies, the deposit amount is transferred to the nominee. TDS is not deducted in MIS. But, in return for investment, two interest is received, which is taxed.



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