Putting criminals in boiling oil used to kill them, 10 of the world’s most brutal punishments


In the case of Murder and Kidnapping, the US Court has sentenced a woman to death penalty. After 70 years, someone will get the death sentence in America. However, even if the US court has sentenced someone to death after 70 years, there is a long history of giving such brutal punishment in different countries of the world. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about 10 such count

ries around the world, where there has been a provision for giving such Terrifying Punishment.

Beheading Sentence: To behead the criminal.
Country: England, Saudi Arabia
Fact: In the 13th century in England there was a provision of terrible punishment for treason. Under this, criminals were beheaded, their eyes were removed and public demonstrations were done. At the same time, such punishment is legally recognized in Saudi Arabia. According to Amnesty International, in 2019, 184 people were beheaded in the case of different crimes in Saudi Arabia.

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Punishment: In the case of crime, shot dead in the country
: Somalia, Guinea, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia
Fact: Even today there is a provision to punish criminals with firing squad in Somalia, Guinea, Iran and North Korea. Apart from this, criminals are punished in this way also in China. According to a report by Amnesty International, in 2012, 682 people were flown in the year 2013 to 778 in public firing squad.

Punishment to burn the culprit : Burning country
: England, Morocco, African country
fact: In the medieval period, men and women were burned for treason. In 1431, many eminent personalities were punished by the British. In 1600, Italian scientist and philosopher Giordano Bruno was also burnt alive. Apart from this, people were also burnt to death as a punishment on charges of witchcraft in many countries.

decorating: pour in boiling water, oil.
Country: England
Fact : Such a punishment was given in England for mixing poison in food. During the eighth Henry’s term in 1500, the accused was given such a punishment for the first time by adding poison to food. At the same time, in 1531, the poison was mixed by the cook Richard Roje in the food of the Bishop of Rochester. Then in 1542 a maid named Margaret Davy was boiled in boiling water as a punishment for adding poison to the mistress’s food. However, this law was repealed in 1547.

Hanging by the neck Punishment : Hanging
on treason
Country: England
Fact : As a punishment, the criminal was dragged by horses and his neck was cut before he died. After this, pieces of the body were sent to different parts of the city, so that no one would commit such a crime. The provision of such punishment began in 1241.

Death penalty by guillotine machine : country
to be cut by machine
: France
Fact: This punishment was started in 1789 during the French Revolution. Thousands of people were punished during the dictatorship of Swept Paris in 1792. This Killing Machine was named after Dr. Guillotine, who was an MLA in the National Assembly. Many well-known people were cut off from the guillotine machine.

Crucification Punishment : Hanging
on the Cross
Country: Rome
Fact : 6000 people were hanged on the cross in 71 BCE for raising their voice against the Roman Empire. A similar punishment was also awarded in 2013 Saudi Arabia.

Stoning Sentence :
Stones are killed
: North Africa, Iran, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia
Fact: According to ancient practice, even today, in many countries, committing crimes is killed with stones. Especially in North Africa and Middle East. In the year 2019, such a case of Gay Sex was given. Indonesia, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, Iraq, Pakistan and many other countries have provisions to punish criminals in this way.

Electric Chair Punishment :
Killing by
Country: United States
Fact: This sentence was started in 1888 in the United States. In 1890, he was convicted for killing William Kemler. An electric shock is given for 18 seconds while sitting on the chair and another shock is 70 seconds. This punishment was used in many American states. In 1990 this type of punishment was severely criticized.

Convictions cutting body parts
Deshः England, North America
Faktः was hacked criminal body parts. In England in the 17th century, the nose, ears and lips were cut off as punishment. In 1800, in North America, the theft of animals was beheaded by criminals. There is also a provision for cutting hands on piracy in Islamic countries.



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