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Ration Card: If the dealer is giving you less ration, then complain immediately on these numbers

Ration dealers are reluctant to give ration card holders their fixed quota grains, then you can complain by calling these helpline numbers.

New Delhi: Ration Card is a document through which you get ration at a cheap price. Many times we see that the dealers are reluctant to give ration to the ration card holders or because of this they give less ration. If something like this happens to you too, do not worry at all. Helpline numbers have been issued by the government according to the state. If you are also getting less ration, then you can contact these numbers and lodge a complaint against the dealer.

To reduce corruption and ensure distribution of food grains, the government has issued complaint helpline numbers so that subsidized rations can reach the poor. If a ration card holder is not receiving their food quota, they can call the toll-free helpline number and lodge their complaint.

Visit this link and

tell us the toll free number of your state, you can remove all the state numbers by visiting this link of the National Food Security Portal. It has often been seen that despite applying for ration card, many people are unable to get ration card for several months. In such a situation, he can also complain about it easily.

See here state wise complaint helpline number

Andhra Pradesh – 1800-425-2977

Arunachal Pradesh – 03602244290

Assam – 1800-345-3611

Bihar- 1800-3456-194

Cttisgdh- 1800-233-3663

GOA 1800-233-0022

Gu 1800-233-5500

Haryana – 1800-180-2087

HP – 1800-180-8026

Jharkhand – 1800-345-6598, 1800-212-5512

Karnataka- 1800-425-9339

Kerala- 1800-425-1550

Madhya Pradesh- 181

Maharashtra- 1800-22-4950 Manipur-


Meghalaya – 1800-345-3670

Mizoram – 1860-222-222-789, 1800-345-3891

Nagaland – 1800-345-3704, 1800-345-3705

Odisha – 1800-345-6724 / 6760

Punjab – 1800-3006- 1313

Rajasthan – 1800-180-6127

Sikkim – 1800-345-3236

Tamil Nadu – 1800-425-5901

Telangana – 1800-4250-0333

Tripura – 1800-345-3665

Uttar Pradesh

– 1800-180-0150 Uttarakhand – 1800-180-2000, 1800-180-4188

West Bengal – 1800-345-5505

Delhi – 1800-110-841

Jammu – 1800-180-7106

Kashmir – 1800–180–7011

Andaman and Nicobar Islands – 1800–343–3197

Chandigarh – 1800–180–2068

Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu – 1800-233-4004

Lakshadweep – 1800-425-3186

Puducherry – 1800-425-1082

To make a ration card like this

You must first visit the official site of your respective state. Aadhar card, voter ID, passport can be given as an ID proof to make a ration card. If this card is not there, then any I-card, health card, driving license issued by the government can be given. You will have to pay a fee of five to 45 rupees along with applying for the ration card. After the application is submitted, it is sent for field verification. The officer examines the information filled in the form and confirms it.


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