SBI Account Holders Attention! SB online banking can be a problem, bank gave this information


State Bank of India (SBI) is updating its Internet banking platform to give better experience to customers. Due to the work of this upgrade, on November 8, customers may have difficulty in using Internet banking, SBIYONO and Yono light services. In this case, you can use ATM service for cash.

Banking through SBI Quick

You can get a mini statement through SBI Quick. For this, you can make a missed call on 092223866666 or send an SMS to this number by typing MSTMT.

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Check your account status in this way

If you also have an account with SBI (State bank of India) and you want to find the balance of your account, then there are many ways through which you can check the balance of your account right from home. . Along with this, you can also download the statement of account from home.

How to download statement of account from SBI Yono

You have to login on your Yono app. After login, you have to click on Navigate to Account. Select your account there and after that you will be able to download your account statement by clicking.

In this way, take statement through net banking

Login to your internet banking account. After that navigate to My Accounts & Profile. Here you will see an account statement. Now select your account number. After that, select the statement from when to how long you can view, print or download the statement.

How to use YONO Lite

You will have to click on My Accounts after login to your Yono Lite SBI app. After this, click on View / Download Statement. From here you will be able to see your account statement.


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