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Smart Cylinder: Now how much gas is left will be visible in Smart Cylinder, there will be no fear of blast

Smart Cylinder: You must have heard or seen many such cases, when LPG gas cylinder causes fire and a terrible accident happens. Accidents happen many times

However, its solution has now come in the market. We are talking about Composite Gas Cylinder, which is explosion proof. The solution has come in the market

Such cylinders are made of three layers. These have an inner layer of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), polymer wrapped fiber glass and HDPE outer jacket. There are three layers

These cylinders are very light in weight. They have a transparent body, which lets you know how much gas is left in the cylinder. The weight is less

They also do not rust, due to which the life of the cylinder is more than normal. These come in 5Kg and 10Kg options. Come in two options

You will find Indane’s composite cylinders in the market. Currently, consumers do not get any subsidy on these. No subsidy is available

For their 10 Kg variant, a deposit of Rs 3000 and for the 5 Kg variant, a deposit of Rs 2200 has to be deposited. How much deposit has to be paid?

You can also replace your existing Indane cylinder with a smart cylinder by paying a security deposit. It is also delivered at home. You can replace it with an old cylinder

The company has clarified on its website that these are explosion free. That means the risk of cylinder explosion on using them will be less. There will be no fear of explosion

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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