The groom was grooming in the beauty parlor, when the groom’s message came on the mobile and the wedding broke


A message on the bride’s mobile, which was being prepared before Jayamala in the beauty parlor, blew everyone’s senses. This message was of the groom, in which it was written that the marriage has been canceled. Now they are not bringing a procession.

A surprising case has come to light in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Here, just before the wedding, the groom refused to bring the wedding procession. The groom messaged on the bride’s mobile, stating that the wedding has been canceled. Now they are not bringing a procession. After reading this message, the bride’s senses flew away. The girl’s family informed the police. At the same time, in this case, the police has registered an FIR against the groom and his family and started investigating the case.

Pushp Lata, a resident of Kangaganj Colony of Panki police station area of ​​Kanpur, was married to Kranti Singh, a resident of Karauli village of Maharajpur police station area. The procession was to come on 28 April. Preparations were being made to welcome the procession to the girl’s house. At the same time, Pushpa Lata, who is going to be the bride, went to the beauty parlor with her friends to get ready.

When Pushpalata was getting ready in the beauty parlor, then the message came on her mobile. This message belonged to the groom, in which it was written that now he is not bringing a procession. The marriage has been canceled. After reading these messages, the bride’s senses flew away. He gave information about this to the family members, after which the matter went to the police. The girl told the police who reached the spot that the boys had canceled the wedding to demand dowry.

Pushpalata clearly said that now she will not marry this boy either, but the boy and his family will definitely get punished. He told that in this way marriage is very disrespectful due to cancellation. 30 lakhs have been spent in marriage, a car worth 12 lakh rupees was purchased, but the dowry greedy boys were not happy with it.

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