Opposition parties demand UP municipal elections be held with ballot papers, not EVMs

With the EVMs under suspicion following reported failures of some machines to register votes correctly, the demand for Municipal elections in Agra to be held in the traditional way has picked up.

With the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) under suspicion following reported failures of some machines to register votes correctly and the subsequent political furore raised by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and other opposition leaders, the demand for Municipal elections in Agra to be held in the traditional way has picked up.

A group of local opposition leaders met with the Agra District Magistrate today, raising this demand before him, although the DM, who is also the Electoral Officer in these elections, declined to make any recommendations to the Election Commission in this regard, claiming that it was a policy matter and preparations have already been done for the elections which will be held on 22nd November.

Talking to India Today, a senior administrative official said that the EVMs to be used in the elections in Agra have been thoroughly checked and found to be working perfectly.

The ballot papers are being pasted on these machines right now and for the first time, the candidate’s photo will also be printed on the ballot paper along with the electoral symbol.

He said that a total of 12,52,397 voters will choose their representatives in Agra on 22nd November on 1091 polling booths in 288 polling stations. The training of the state government employees to be deputed in the various electoral parties has also been completed.

However, the Samajwadi Party Minority Wing Ex-President Mohd. Yaseen claimed that these elections will also be ‘managed’ by the BJP as it has managed other elections.

He said that it is still not clear if the election commission will deploy VVPAT machines in the elections or not. It is quite possible that the election commission again reneges on its assurances to ensure the installation of VVPATs on all polling booths to make sure that the elections are held impartially.

He said that there have been several instances of EVMs recording votes in the BJP’s account irrespective of the button pressed, which clearly indicates that a large number of machines have been pre-programmed to receive votes only in the BJP’s account.

Even in Kanpur, scientists have proved this theory and this could be the reason why the BJP was able to sweep the elections in 2014 and 2017. He said that it was quite possible that the party plays the same dirty game in the municipal elections in UP as well, to obtain a majority in all municipalities. He appealed to the election commission to either install VVPATs on all polling booths or allow polling using ballot papers.

Criticizing the detractors of EVMs, BJP City President Vijay Shivhare said that the Congress and other parties had been embroiled in corruption throughout their terms and now they are not able to tolerate the BJP which has brought back rule of law in the country.

He said that only the BJP can ensure that the people get what they deserve, while the Congress snatched away the rightful share of the people and mired the country in corruption.

Shivhare said no matter what the other parties may claim about the EVMs, it was a fact that these machines were fool-proof and there was no way they could be tampered with.

The reason why the BJP is winning all the elections with a complete majority is because the people are fed-up of the corruption rampant in every walk of life and now want the BJP to come and eradicate this corruption from the veins of the country.

He expressed his confidence at the party winning the municipal elections in all UP cities and said that the opposition parties will have to bite dust again, as the people have not stopped believing in PM Modi and his vision of a new India.


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