After Sonu Sood, now Amitabh Bachchan pledged to send migrant laborers to the village through buses


10 buses were dispatched to different areas of UP, in which there were 25 to 30 people. The passengers have also been given 6 meals, 4 snacks and a medical kit.

Mumbai: During the applicable lockdown across the country, everyone is praising the efforts of actor Sonu Sood for transporting migrant laborers through buses in their respective states. Actress Swara Bhaskar had also arranged to send more than a thousand workers recently. In such a situation, Amitabh Bachchan has also taken the initiative to send the trapped workers to their villages in Mumbai during the lockdown.


10 buses filled with workers from Mahalakshmi Racecourse of Mumbai were left for Allahabad, Banaras, Bhadohi, Gorakhpur etc. areas of Uttar Pradesh at 3 pm today. Each bus had half its capacity i.e. 25 to 30 people and in this way, about 275 people were sent to different places in Uttar Pradesh through these buses.


It is noteworthy that 6 time food, 6 snacks and medical kits have also been provided to the passengers who sit in these buses. While all these buses have been sponsored by Amitabh Bachchan, the Mahim Dargah and Haji Ali Dargah Trust of Mumbai also have support in this arrangement.


Rajesh Yadav, Managing Director of Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Limited, while dispatching the buses, told a special conversation with ABP News, “We have started sending migrant workers from Mumbai to various places through buses today and as we get We will continue to try to send laborers from here as well.

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Rajesh Yadav also informed that on behalf of Amitabh Bachchan, efforts are being made to send migrant laborers through trains also and trains will be resorted to this work as soon as they get permission.

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Sabir Syed, a representative of the Mahim Dargah in Mumbai, told ABP News that 4,500 poor, destitute, and needy people should be fed daily from the start of the lockdown in the partnership between Amitabh Bachchan and the two dargahs. Used to be. He told that 1500 pairs of slippers are being distributed daily to the laborers traveling for hundreds of kilometers leaving Mumbai from the side of Amitabh and Dargah and arrangements have been made to distribute dryfruits to the migrant laborers going towards their villages.


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