Attention if you are a SBI customer! Be careful if these messages also come to you


New Delhi, Business Desk. In view of the increasing incidence of ATM fraud, State Bank of India (SBI) has launched a new facility to protect customers. If you go to an ATM and want to check your balance or mini statement, then SBI will alert you by sending an SMS. This facility will help curb ATM fraud that is on the rise due to Corona virus epidemic. The bank has asked its customers to be vigilant. The bank has said that if you have not asked for mini-statement or balance information, the bank will alert you through SMS.

SBI has said in a tweet that now every time we get a request for balance inquiry or mini statement through ATM, we will alert our customers by sending an SMS, so that they can block their debit card immediately.

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SBI has asked its customers to be vigilant and if any such case comes up in which the customer has not asked for the mini statement, then inform the bank immediately. SBI said, fraudsters can do such a conspiracy to break into your bank account.

Earlier, SBI introduced cardless cash withdrawal facility to its customers to avoid unauthorized transactions at all SBI ATMs. This new facility has been active since early 2020 and ATM card holders can withdraw cash with the help of one-time password (OTP).

SBI has said that customers should conduct ATM transactions with complete secrecy to avoid any ATM-cum-debit card fraud. SBI has changed its ATM withdrawal fee with effect from 1 July.


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