Baahubali actress Ramya Krishnan, 104 bottles of liquor seized from car in police custody


Chennai Police seized more than 100 bottles of liquor from the car of Bahubali fame Ramya Krishnan.

Mumbai: Chennai Police has seized more than 100 bottles of liquor from the car of famous actress and Bahubali fame Ramya Krishnan. His sister Vinaya Krishnan was also present during this time along with Ramya Krishnan in police custody. Ramya Krishnan was traveling with her sister and driver from Mamalapuram to Chennai, while the Chennai police stopped her car at the checkpost and searched her car, after finding 104 bottles of liquor, the actress and her driver were arrested by the police Was taken in

According to an India Today report, Ramya Krishnan, who was going to Chennai from Mahabalipuram, was stopped by the police to check the vehicle. On which the actress stopped the vehicle and calmly agreed to check the vehicle. During this time, the police seized 104 liquor bottles from the car. Police took the actress and her driver in custody due to violation of lockdown rules.

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The driver took the police to Kanathur police station, where he later got bail. According to reports, Ramya has himself taken his driver out of custody. The police had detained the actress and her driver as part of a normal investigation process. However, no response from the actress has been revealed yet on the case.


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